• Clean room class 7
    according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1
  • Etch · pickle · colour anodization
    Surface modifications for your high tech products
  • Precision in manufacturing
    Production of complex and highly sensitive assemblies
  • Pack and sterilize
    We manufacture, assemble and package your products – in the cleanest environment.

Surface modifications

We offer a wide range of surface modifications, individually tailored to your products.

Clean room class 7

We manufacture, assemble and package your products – in the cleanest environment. Thanks to the state of the art cleanroom technology we offer the optimal solution for the most diverse sensitive parts.

Pack and sterilize

We realize the desired packaging according to your specifications and requirements. Of course with subsequent sterilization if needed.

About us

Our company stands for first-class quality, customized solutions, constant readiness for delivery and friendly service with analytic expertise (expert knowledge), heart and hand. Finally, these are as well the factors having contributed to our continuous advancement and our never- ending satisfaction with our achievements to our customers' benefit.


Markets are made by people. It is them who have wishes and set the requirements for products. Suppliers who are in the position to offer these products, have content customers and are successful in the markets. This is the reason why we will only then be satisfied when you and your customers are highly pleased with the results of our work.

Etch and pickle

Both procedures are ideally suited for cleaning and activating metal surfaces and for producing purely metallic, structured and biocompatible surfaces. With our etching process we achieve a very rough surface, especially for medical implants, which significantly improves the ingrowth into the bones. In case of titanium or titanium alloys pickling in particular is necessary as the last process step prior to color anodization or removal of oxide layers.

Sterile packaging

In our ultra-modern cleanroom class ISO 7 (according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1) we can steril pack sensitive products e.g. medical parts or instruments in bags, blisters or any other outer packaging required. Of course all parts are carefully inspected prior and after packaging and are marked and labeled before leaving the cleanroom.

Color anodization

The color coding of medical and orthopedic products as well as instruments made of titanium and titanium alloys serves to protect against the risk of confusion and thus the safety of surgical procedures. In order to meet your requirements in this regard we can create and offer a wide range of colors. At the same time the color anodizing process guarantees stable dimensions and geometries.


If requested we are glad to perform assembly and manufacture of highly complex and sensitive modules. The assembly process includes placement, taping, adjustment and inspection of different aggregates up to the final product – taking care of the utmost cleanliness. Our staff is specialized especially in the fields of the medical-, pharma- and food industry but also in the area of laser-, optical- and space technology.

Clean and final rinse

With our ultra-modern fully automated cleaning equipment cleanroom class ISO 8 we cover the complete cleaning chain – from aqueous-alcaline pre-clean, final rinse with highly purified water (HPW) up to the automatic transfer of your cleaned parts. In close consultation with our customers we define the scope of cleaning needs to be in place.


We are your partner for special tasks, specific applications and the development of new products. We accept all tasks starting with the planning phase, design, protoyping and sample production. This includes mechanical processing such as precision turning, milling, grinding, 3D-print and electroplating. Approval and validation of series production as well as the required logistics complete our range. We care about every challenge and always find the appropriate solution.


Quality principles

Overall the level of requirements in medical technology is high. The demands on perfectly made products we ensure by consistently reliable quality.

Customized solutions

For every application we offer you the perfect solution. Just contact us.



Somi medical GmbH is certified according to EN ISO 13485:2012+AC:2012.

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Rainer Johe

Rainer Johe

Quality Management
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Frank Wolfsdorf

Director Sales · Mobile 0151-14 15 87 90

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